English Model Activity Task -2 Answer Class 10

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English Model Activity Task -2 Answer

English Model Activity Task -2 Answer Class 10
Join the following pairs of sentences as directed: 

(a) She saw a snake. She ran away. (Use: Seeing)

Ans:- Seeing a snake she ran away.

(b) He is honest. He is rich. (Use: as well as)

Ans:- He is rich as well as honest. 

(c) The Sun is a star. Everybody knows that. (Use: noun clause)

Ans:- Everybody knows that the Sun is a star.

(d) The man is old. He cannot go out.(Use: illative conjunction)

Ans:- The man is old so he cannot go out. 

Split the following into two sentences: 

(a) Having heard the news, she fainted.

Ans:- She heard the news. She fainted.

(b) It was raining heavily, when she reached home. 

Ans:- It was raining heavily. She reached home.

(c) Ashoka, who was a great king, helped in the spread of Buddhism.

Ans:- Ashoka was a great king. He helped in the spread of Buddhism.

(d) Shabnam thought that she would win the first prize.

Ans:- Shabnam would win the first prize. She thought about it. 

You have read the poem ‘Fable’ On the basis of the poem,write a dialouge within 100 words between the Mountain and Squirrel.


 Mountain :- Hey little prig, how are you ? 

Squirrel:- Why do you mock me ? 

Mountain :- Because you are nothing to me. 

Squirrel:- There is no shame being small. You are very big but small things are essential part of this earth. 

Mountain :- You are trying to defend yourself. I dont agree with you. 

Squirrel:- If you leave your conceit, I can explain it to you.

Mountain :- Well, I am interested to listen to you.

Squirrel:- The listen. This world is mode of both big and small things. And small things like me have their own advantages.

Mountain :- What is that ?

Squirrel:- You are not as lively as I am. 

Mountain :- Thank me for the track you run on.

Squirrel:- Yes thanks to our talents. Though I can’t crack nuts as I can. 

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