English Model Activity Task-1 Answer class 10

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English Model Activity Task – I Answer

English Model Activity Task-1 Answer class 10

Read the poem and answer the questions that follow: 

      The mountain and the squirrel
      Had a quarrel:
      And the former called the latter ‘Little Prig’.
      Bun replied,
      ‘You are doubtless very big;
      But all sorts of things and weather
      Must be taken in togather,
      To make up a year 
      And a sphere.
      And I think it no disgrace
      To occupy my place.
      If I’m not so large as I,
      You are not so small as I,
      And not half so sprey.
      I’ll not deny you make 
      Avery pretty squirrel track;
      Talents differ; all is well and wisely put;
      If I cannot carry forests on my back,
      Neither can you crack a nut.


Choose the correct alternatives to complete the following sentences:

(a) The squirrel is – 
(i) as large as the mountain         
(ii) as small as the mountain
(iii) not as large as the mountainm
(iv) not as small as the mountain

Ans:- not as large as the mountainm

(b) The mountain cannot – 
(i) crack a nut     
(ii) make a squirrel track
(iii) carry forests
(iv) carry fountains

Ans:- crack a nut     

(c) The squirrel does not find it disgraceful to –  
(i) occupy the mountain’s place
(ii) occupy the river
(iii) occupy its own place
(iv) occupy the tree

Ans:- occupy its own place 
Change the Voice of the following sentences:

(a) Switch on the light.

Ans:- Let the light be switch on.

(b) I have been invited to their house.

Ans:- They have invited me to their house. 

Replace the underlined words with suitable Phrasal Verbs from the list given bellow (one is extra). Chnage the form of verb if necessary: 

(a) We could not understand what he was saying.

Ans:-  make out 

(b) I cannot tolerate impolite behaviour towards elders. 

Ans:- put up with 

(c) Rani’s grandmother cannot remember her childhood days. 

Ans:- call up 
List:- put up with, make out, call on, call up 

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