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English Model Activity Task 2021 Class 8

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 English Model Activity Task 2021 Answer for Class 8 
Read the passage carefully and answer the question that follows: 
One quiet afternoon, he lay fast asleep and fell to dreaming again. Unknown to him, the ship stood offshore from his old farm. In Jon’s dream theseasons turned rapidly and as each turned, so did Jon in his bed. Consequently, the cap on his hesd twisted round and about. It called up a squall from the clear sky that hit the ship without a warning.
The wind had been whirling about the boat tearing the sails and snapping the spars. “Its’ his fault,'” the sailors cried. They shouted in anger and tried to rid the cap off his head.
Well, they were unsuccessful, for it was a fairy cap. 
Answer the following questions:
(i) What happened as Jon lay fast asleep ?
Ans:- When Jon lay asleep, the ship stood offshore from his old farm.
(ii) How did the squall arise suddenly ? 
Ans:- The squall arose suddenly because the cap on Jon’s head twisted round and about.
(iii) Describe the condition of the ship in the squall.
Ans:- The wind of the squall was whirling about the boat. It was tearing the ship’s sails and snapping the spars.
(iv) What  did the sailors do to stop the squall ?
Ans:- The sailors tried to remove Jon’s cap from his head.
Rewrite the following sentences using Future Perfect tense. One is done for you: 
  • Statement: You will be enjoying the tour. 
  • Ans: You will have enjoyed the tour. 
আরও দেখুন:  অষ্টম শ্রেণীর পরিবেশ বিজ্ঞান দ্বিতীয় অধ্যায়: পদার্থের প্রকৃতি | Class 8 Poribesh o Bigyan
(i) By this time next year Diya will be attending her university classes. 
Ans:- By this time next year Diya will have attended her university classes.
(ii) I shall be finishing my lessons by then. 
Ans:- I shall have finished my lessons by then.
(iii) He will be leaving for work before the family wakes up. 
Ans:- He will have leaved for work before the family wakes up.
(iv) My friends will be comming to our house next month. 
Ans:- My friends will have come to our house next month. 
Suppose on a hot summer afternoon while you were playing with your friends, the weather changed suddenly and the rains came down  and so you were completly drenched. Write a letter to your friend in about 80 word describing yourfeelings of beings drenched.
Ans:-                                                                               Date – 10/07/2021
                                                                                         Place – Akalipur
My dear Raju,         
I hope you are well. I am fine. I am writing this letter to share with a unique exprience I had last Monday. Last Monday in the afternoon we were playing cricket on the ground. It was a hot summer day. Suddenly a boy shouted and pointed to the sky. We all saw that the sky was soon becoming overcast with black clouds. Before we could understand anything, suddenly It began to rain. We were totally deenched. It was a relief from that scorching heat. We enjoyed the rain and returned home being completly drenched.
No more today more when we meet. Write me if you have such exprience.
                                                                                            Your loving friend,
To,                                                                                                    Rohit 
Raju Pal
C/o- Haradhan Pal
Vill – Raipur
Po – Raipur
Dist – Birbhum
Pin – 731236
West Bengal

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